Bb Trumpet Bach Stradivarius 1B Commercial, laquered (LT1901B)

Continuing the legacy of legendary master craftsman Vincent Bach, the makers of today's Bach Stradivarius trumpets proudly introduce the new LT1901B and LT190L1B. Combining new materials and processes with vintage design elements, these new models offer amazing agility, quick response, and easy performance in extreme registers all wrapped in the signature Bach sound. 

Few players in today's generation have experienced the lively characteristics of Vincent Bach's very first bell design - the #1 bell.  Design features of the new commercial trumpets include a one-piece hand-hammered lightweight #1 bronze bell, two-piece valve casing construction with new bronze balusters, Monel pistons, lightweight nickel inside and lightweight brass outside slide tubes, a forward-facing second valve slide, new crescent-shaped pull knobs, minimal bracing, and two main tuning slide designs that give the player a choice in resistance and response.

  • Key of Bb 
  • .459" medium-large bore 
  • One-piece hand-hammered 
  • Lightweight #1 bronze bell with a 5" diameter flat bell rim 
  • Two-piece brass/bronze valve casings 
  • Lightweight nickel/brass slide tubes 
  • Monel pistons 
  • 1st slide thumb ring 
  • Forward facing 2nd valve slide two main tuning slides 
  • Single radius and traditional D shape 
  • Clear lacquer finish

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